23 de junio de 2008

Bacanería - video.This documentary is a tribute to joy and solidarity

Bacanería - vide. This documentary is a tribute to joy and solidarity, whose objective is to highlight the positive and permanent state of the soul of some human beings who always live filled with optimism and in high spirits. They are people who transmit and share with others the sensation of welfare and constant happiness which is habitual for them. These qualities are found above all in people from the Caribbean culture.
Director Hugo González - Running Time: 10 min.

2 comentarios:

  1. Vos sos un mega Bacán! ¡Estupendo, maravilloso! Ahí me sentí. Con mi gente. Mi salsa. Mi lenguaje. Mi brillo. Mi sol. Mi murmullo de mar. Mi arena. ¡Wow! Felicitaciones. Todo mundo se ve bello. Hasta yo acá. Ciao, que sigan los éxitos.

    Yo, la bacana, Estrella De los Rios


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